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Author Topic: Mach3Turn - 1st 'Beta' release of the MachBlue Screenset for lathes  (Read 100435 times)

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Santini done the biz and got the MachBlue lathe set wrapped in the installer.  So we are go for launch.

We did find a few bits that weren't quite right, so if you've downloaded the SilverBlue theme it may be worth downloading again.  Some of the file paths were incorrect and the DRO's are missing the skins on a couple of screens.

Both the MachBlue, and SilverBlue are now fixed and should run ok.

As usual, let us know if you find any "Nasties"

Download link is here:


Oooh, Oooh.  Santini jabs me in the ribs......

I forgot some preview shots.  Quick, shoot me.

Here's a couple.


Yeh, blue still does it for me.
I'm afraid the orignal MachBlue Turn screenset was missing the updated MPG screen.

The main installer file has been updated to include the new MPG screen.

(You will need to re-download the installer again)

Sorry about that.... Totally amateurs with the Lathe stuff.

Screenshot attached......

Any bugs or errors please shout up.....

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Me again.... (Hiding under my desk at this point...) Flyout screen looks great! The button jog buttons, at the bottom, the X axis ones don't seem to work, the Z axis does however. While on these buttons, would it be possible to reverse their positions so the X axis ones show as vertical on the screen, and the Z axis ones show as horizontal? This is how the arrow keys on the keyboard work and possibly is how a lathe is viewed. Note that I have posted this in the MachBlue post, I am actually using the MachSilver set.
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Good to hear your thrashing things out with the Turn Screens....

It appears that your correct. The X axis Jog buttons are not working. On further checking I cannot see why they should be any different to the supplied Turn screenset.

We use OEM codes 307 & 308. which is what the original set uses. (But also doesn't seem to work as I see no change in DRO's)

Can you do us a favour and check the original set to see if the X axis works on that. It may be a call into ART.

The positions of X & Y could be changed although we presumed this was a standard (as the supplied layout uses this method)

I'll bribe Beano into creating a one off for you once we get the X axis sorted....


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I switched back to the original lathe screenset and tried the jog buttons on the flyout screen. No, the X axis buttons there don't work either. On the X and Z axis button switch, I believe it's this way because this was the same screen used from the mill screen, which is how it would be laid out on a mill. Please don't do a one off for me, if others here think it might be better switched then great, but I just want to help here, not make more work than the immense amount you guys have already done!
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Re: Mach3Turn - 1st 'Beta' release of the MachBlue Screenset for lathes
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I am using the Blue Screenset for our lathe.
It is quite literally great and works fine.
There is one draw back to my application that I wouls like to change or have changed for me.
There is no indicator light for "single block" letting the operator know if it is active or not.
In the upper right corner of the screen there are the indicator lights there are two light I can live without.
Can someone please let me know if "single block" and an indicating light can be added to the light bar or if one that already exists can be changed.
Thank You,
Mark Hinde
Energy Resources Group Inc.

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Re: Mach3Turn - 1st 'Beta' release of the MachBlue Screenset for lathes
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Use Screen4 or Mach screen to open the screenset then just double click the LED you wish to change and change from the drop down list or the OEM number to that used by Single Block LED, you can also add buttons and when you double click on them you can select their function, either by drop down list of by entering an OEM.
Their is a list of OEM codes in one of the sticky posts at the top of the General forum, its basically a downloadable version of whats on the wiki.
Re: Mach3Turn - 1st 'Beta' release of the MachBlue Screenset for lathes
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Thank you for your reply....I have dowmloaded screen4 and opened it up seems to work fine but I am still  confused on how to make the single step light appear active.
What I want is for the button to change color or have some indication of activation when depressed.
Thank You,