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Author Topic: Mach3Turn - 1st 'Beta' release of the SilverBlue Screenset for lathes  (Read 116370 times)

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Hi all,

Finally after a short delay the Silver Blue Screenset for Mach3Turn is ready for test.

There has been no attempt to add extra functions to these screens. They have been done purely by request following the Mill screens we released.

Credit to the original author of the screenset interface. We have only put a wrapper around it. (We don't have lathes so cannot even test it fully !)

The DarkBlue screenset will follow shortly once I manage to bribe Mr Bean into it. :)

Please report any bugs etc but note that we don't intend to add new features.

The screenshots below give you a taster.

Again, full credit to Beano on his photoshop skills. We hope you like the look.

Team InsomniaX

Screenset can be download from :-

http://www.cnc-builder.co.uk/insomniax/ :)
Last 3.
Just popping in to subscribe to the new thread.

I'll get a blue version done in the next day or so.  Busy, busy, busy....

Thanks for any feedback regarding anything not working.

Good work!
Fixing problems one post at a time ;)



Fantastic work guys. You two are a real power team. Keep up the fantastic work.

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Very nice screenset. I ran it tonight, only thing I noticed so far is the part graphic in the 'Cycle' screen does not render properly, seems to in all the other screens though. I ran one program and it does everything the old screen did before as far as buttons, etc. Really is a nice upgrade from the original display. Thanks again to you guys!
finally a lathe screen . very well made, eye popping ,when it's fully tested i would like it to be my screen . you realy know how to make screens . fantastic work bravo to the team .
Thanks for the positive feedback chaps. It makes it all worthwhile.

As mentioned we are 'virgins' at MachTurn and really no very little. Saying that I don't know that much about MachMill !

From the tests here all screens are rendering correctly. Or at least I think they are.

Dalgie, if you can grab a screenshot of the problem we will try and fix it. Can you check the problem doesn't exist with the standard set also as in theory there should be no difference in the rendering.

Beano's being getting some new toys to play with. DivX player, New graphics card, G.P.S..... The list goes on. I might have to get the whip cracked on the Blue Release!


Beano's being getting some new toys to play with. DivX player, New graphics card, G.P.S..... The list goes on. I might have to get the whip cracked on the Blue Release!

The blue set's all done Mr Santini.  Just waiting for you to login and sync your PC to pick up the files and wrap them in an installer.
Come on.....  Put some effort in.   ;D

Still waiting on more toys turning up, but having fun with the one's I got.   ;)

I'm glad some of you like the screenset we've done.  I hope you find it useful.

Logged in, Synced up and ready for action.....

Well after more testing it seems like there is some strange rendering of the toolpath at times but from what we see it is common to the original supplied set and the silver blue set.

There's not a lot we can do on this apart from bring it to Art's attention. It's probably wiser for someone who knows the Turn module better to explain the problem.

While doing the testing Beano noticed that I had missed the skins on the DRO's for the Diagnostics and Toolpath screens. So...

The setup installer file has been updated to correct this on the InsomniaX download page if you want to re-download and get the fixed version.